Fossilized Ichthyosaur Or ‘Sea Dragon’ Found In England The discovery of a fossilized ichthyosaur changes our understanding of the past. The sea creature was discovered by a group of fishermen and is the largest example ever found in... May 10, 2022
Archaeologists Uncover A 5,000-Year-Old ‘Giant Grave’ In China In 2016, during an excavation of a late Neolithic settlement in Jiaojia – a village in the Chinese province of Shandong, the remains of an unusually tall group of people... May 10, 2022
The current concept of time was created by the Sumerians 5,000 years ago! Many ancient civilizations had a concept of time, although vague. Obviously, they knew that the day started when the sun rose and the night when the sun disappeared over the... May 10, 2022
Mammoth Graveyard Unearthed At Mexico’s New Airport, May Be World’s Biggest Mammoth Graveyard Archaeologists wearing hard hats and face masks carefully remove soil from around the giant skeletons at Mexico City’s new airport, where construction work has uncovered a huge trove of mammoth... May 8, 2022
Scientists Ate A Stew From A 50,000-Year-Old Bison To See What It Tastes Like On a night in 1984, a handful of select guests gathered at the Alaska home of paleontologist Dale Guthrie to eat a stew made from a once-in-a-lifetime delicacy: the neck... May 8, 2022
This Mysterious Ancient Underground City Is Being Kept Secret From The Rest Of World A lost underworld of catacombs, hewn chambers, and cave tunnels exists beneath Egypt’s pyramids, untouched for hundreds of years. They’ve been mentioned in ancient literature and Arab folklore, but they’ve... February 24, 2022
This Immense Ancient “Highway”, Made By a Forgotten Civilization, Recently Emerged From The Ocean A “massive roadway” of the Pacific Ocean rose from the seabed just a few days ago, after the tide had dropped dramatically. On the coasts of Sakhalin Island, a massive... February 24, 2022
“Giants’ Tombs Discovered in Crimea” Baffled Archaeologists During archaeological digs in Crimea, scientists discovered a Byzantine Empire necropolis including the burial of a giant. Concurrently with the repair of the Mithridates staircase in Kerch, archaeological excavation activities... February 24, 2022
Ancient Submerged Pyramid Was Recently Discovered In China – It Was Build Beforce The Ice Age The archaeologists who are working hard to collect knowledge about prior civilizations on Earth have always been astounded by the ongoing investigation on ancient findings. Pyramids of the Egyptian kind... February 24, 2022
Giant Carved Stone Found In Peru. They Claim It Was Actually Ancient Inca’s Hydraulic Model The historical sites, artifacts, and culture of South America are well-known. Several pre-Columbian civilizations that lived on the continent, such as the Aztecs, Sumerians, Maya, and Inca, possessed vast knowledge... February 24, 2022
Oldest Pyramid in The World Discovered in Alaska In case you didn’t know already, there are a lot of underlying theories that state the fact that Antarctica is NOT what it seems. Most believe that it is just... February 24, 2022
250 Million-Year-Old Ancient Microchip Artifact Debunked Nikolai Kardashev, a Russian astrophysicist, proposed the method for calculating a civilization’s technical level based on its available resources in 1954. This system is known as the “Kardashev scale,” and... February 20, 2022
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