A 13,000 years old Alien Mummy discovered by the KGB in Egypt There is only a little information about this “alien mummy” and there is only one documentary that was broadcast exclusively by the Sci-Fi network in 1998, called “The Secret KGB Abduction Files”.... November 21, 2021
Utah monolith mysteriously vanishes ‘Perhaps it was an alien probe and it just went home’ THE mysterious metal monolith which was discovered in the middle of the Utah desert has strangely disappeared, with some claiming aliens are responsible for its vanishing act. On November 18,... April 6, 2021
Bible archaeology: Experts solve long-standing mystery of Jesus Christ’s tomb ARCHAEOLOGISTS have unravelled a long-standing mystery of biblical proportions at the spot where it is believed Jesus Christ was crucified. Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, thousands of etchings... April 3, 2021
Black hole breakthrough could ‘violate’ Einstein’s theory as find poses ‘huge implication’ A BLACK HOLE breakthrough suggests that Albert Einstein’s general relativity theory could be “violated,” according to a scientist – in what could have “huge implications”. The German-born theoretical physicist’s general theory... March 29, 2021
Afterlife theory backed up by Einstein as ‘rules of physical world’ don’t apply AN AFTERLIFE was tipped to exist by former Google executive Mo Gawdat, who used Einstein’s theory of relativity to support his idea that life “does not abide by the rules... March 29, 2021
The Pantheon: The ancient building still being used after 2,000 years When visitors walk into the Pantheon in Rome and encounter its colossal dome, they may experience the same theatricality as its guests nearly 2,000 years ago. “Anyone who steps inside... March 26, 2021
This Is What Sunrise Looks On Each Planet Of The Solar System What does the sun look like from other planets? Given the vast and disparate distances, it is not so easy to imagine. But the digital renderings created by Ron Miller,... March 20, 2021
8 history-making space stories of 2020 It’s been a hard year on Earth. But despite a global pandemic, scientists made huge strides in understanding the universe beyond our planet. They detected far-off signals, launched astronauts into... March 15, 2021
15 Incredible Old Human Creations That Stood The Test Of Time Even though it takes immense skill to create something that impresses people, it takes even more than that to create something that will leave people in awe ages after creation.... March 12, 2021
6 Ancient Roman Structures 2000 Years Ago And Now The Roman Empire was one of the most successfully established empire in the history. Even after 2,000 years of wars and disasters, Roman structures have stood the test of time.... March 12, 2021
This Is How The Sky Would Look If Planets Appeared Instead Of The Moon A Youtuber named Yeti Dynamics created a video to show how big the planets in our solar system actually are, by placing them in a context we are familiar with:... March 12, 2021
Fact Check: Do Wind Turbines Really Fail in Cold Weather? Crisis breeds confusion and the recent string of record-low temperatures amid this week’s cold and frosty weather conditions in Texas are no exception. But when the state’s power grid fell... March 5, 2021
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